Setting up a VPN server on MAC

How to Hide My IP and Enjoy Further Privacy Benefits?

The use of VPN on Mac is critical to ensuring safe internet usage. Apart from safety guaranteed by the use of VPN on Macs, there are a host of many other benefits.
One is able to enjoy anonymity while on the internet. When one uses a VPN on their mac, the VPN ensures the IP address of the user is encrypted to that of their servers. This means no one can trace your identity leave alone your location. This makes it extremely difficult for those who would want to interfere with your privacy. Your data is therefore safe when accessing internet while using the VPN Services.
The second advantage is that you get to access data that you would otherwise have no access to. With the use of the VPN servers in different locations, your IP address in easily encrypted to that of the respective country and this way, you are able to get every content you need. VPN also ensures you get access to what you require from your office servers even when you are out of office.

Benefits of VPN server on mac

All the above benefits can be attained from a VPN service provider without having to resort to setting up a VPN server on your mac. So why bother with setting up a VPN server on your mac?
Apple has the option of setting up a VPN server for their MacBook Pro that runs Snow Leopard 10.6.6. This option is aimed at availing mac users with option of receiving and handling any incoming connections from computers and any other digital devices one would want access to. While the same can be done on the consumer version of OS X 10.6, it requires the intervention of a third party application making it a little bit more difficult to implement.
Snow Leopard server has the same VPN functionality as Snow Leopard therefore making it easier to implement.

The perks entailed in this option are sure to lure you into trying out the setting up of the VPN server on your mac. Apart from offering a secure connection, it offers the option of remotely accessing your computer and other devices, even network drives, making you see all devices as if on local network. Such devices as you iPhone which are not on your local network can be easily accessed as the VPN server will help you have the iPhone as though it were on your local network.
I found this option great especially for corporate workers who may want to access resources located on different devices even from a far of the office. It is much like you have the whole of your office at your disposal wherever you go. There are more additional features that new iOS has-I look forward to trying them out.