Protect your identity and sensitive data at public Wi-Fi hotspots with a VPN

How easy is it to steal data in a public wifi hotspot?

Very easy. In fact, you can download the software and use it yourself. Please visit FaceNiff, Firesheep, Ethereal and Wireshark to begin eavesdropping.
Please keep in mind, eavesdropping and data snooping may be highly illegal in your jurisdiction. However, criminals do not care. In fact, most of them will never be caught since it is very hard to prove a crime was committed.

Tempted to connect to that elusive "Free Wi-Fi" hotspot? It's worth doing your homework before selecting any network that's open or not familiar to you. For example, if you're in a coffee shop or public library, make sure to verify the name of the network with staff or on signage before connecting.

It's pretty easy for someone who wants to intercept your data in a man-in-the-middle attack to set up a network called "Free Wi-Fi", or any other variation that includes a nearby venue name, to make you think it's a legitimate source

How do I secure my internet connection in a public wifi hotspot?
In a public wifi hotspot, you can secure your wireless internet connection using our VPN service to create several security layers which will prevent access to your data from those who are locally at the hotspot as well as other criminals scattered across the internet. This is an end all and absolutely necessary solution to secure public wifi. In technical terms, Private Internet Access deploys state of the art OpenVPN SSL based encryption layers over all the tunneled connections. There will never be an unencrypted moment. Additionally, this website has been encrypted since is inception. As long as your data connection is encrypted, even if they can access your data at a public wifi hotspot, they will not be able to decipher the data. It will look like cryptographic gibberish.

Who should secure their connection?
If you engage in any of the following, you should certainly consider adding strong public wifi security encryption layers to protect your privacy and your data:

  • Check your e-mail in a public wifi hotspot
  • Login to social networking websites in a public wifi hotspot
  • Login to bank accounts in a public wifi hotspot
  • Share sensitive data online while in a public wifi hotspot
  • Wish to secure your connection from prying eyes in a public wifi hotspot
  • Use the internet at a library.
  • Use the internet at a cafe, bookstore or hotel.
  • Use the internet at an airport.
  • ...then you absolutely should consider public wifi security.
Is it easy?/
It is very easy and typically only takes a few minutes to connect.

Wi-Fi security

If you browse the Internet at a public Wi-Fi hotspot like the Starbucks in your town, anyone on that network can monitor and spy on your web activities. Irrespective of where you connect from, a personal VPN secures your web browsing session and keeps your private data considerably more private.

Use a VPN service while using a Wi-Fi connection
If you'd like to ensure that all of your browsing traffic is encrypted, no matter what sites you visit or mobile apps you use, consider signing up for a VPN (virtual private network) service.
A VPN service adds a physical barrier between you and the web by routing all of your communications, in an encrypted format, through a physical server controlled by the VPN company. It is only after your encrypted communication passes through the VPN server that it reaches the web. Someone snooping on traffic over the Wi-Fi network will just see garbled data passing between your computer or device and this secondary VPN server.
Because the interaction with the web is actually happening through a middleman - the VPN server - a measure of user anonymity is provided as well.