Hide My IP

How to Hide My IP and Enjoy Further Privacy Benefits?

Why should I hide my IP Address?

While you surf on internet, every website that you visit has a kind of data monitoring because for statistical reasons, a website admin wants to know what keywords was used and where from the visitor landed on his page.
Usually this is done to offer to the internet-visitor the service or product that they need. Nothing bad so far, but unfortunately your IP address can link your internet activities directly to you, it can be used to find your name and address.
Below you can find a few reasons of why everyone should be hiding their IP address online.

1. Prevents identity theft - from your IP address, hackers can retrieve alot of personal information including your browser information even your router information and they can do in such way that they can access your computer and even they could "mask" their IP address with yours which means that anything they do online will actually be traced back to you.

2. Prevent spyware / malware / viruses - your IP address can be used to send such kind of viruses with the goal of allowing hackers to access your personal information stored on your computer.

3. Provides anonymity - nobody knows what you are doing online and it is legal to hide your ip address.

4. Provide safe browsing from work computer - if hackers gain access to your work computer, than your workplace is in danger as they can retrieve personal business information.

5. Bypass country restricted websites - some websites Hulu, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC and many more websites restrict their content to only allow access to particular countries.

6. Prevent spam - your email address and IP address usually are stored in database of any unprotected website. When this is done, they can spam not only your email address but also your personal compyter.

7. Avoid spam ban - if you frequently comment on blogs or forums, they can actually place a ban on your IP address for spamming but you can avoid your personal IP address being banned by hiding your ip address.

8. Shopping online safely - if a website doesn`t have an adequate security on their website, hackers can get all your information that is kept on the website. The hacker can go on your PC and they can monitor your online activities.

Who should hide their IP Address?
This should be a concern for anyone who like to surf online but in the same time they want to be anonymous on the internet without being traced by any website. Additionally, by hiding the IP address, businesses gain a layer of identity protection which allows them to discreetly browse the web without to allowing competitors to see what they are doing online. This is very important as data mining on websites has become incredibly advanced.

How can I hide my IP address?
If you are looking for the top best software to hide your IP Address, you can choose a VPN (Virtual Private Network) because it will hide not only your IP address for all of your internet surfing but your IP address will be hidden even for every program from your PC that use internet (skype, instant messaging, utorrent and many more)

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