Anonymous Surfing

Surf the Web anonymously and protect your privacy

  • Mask your IP address from ISP's & snoopers
  • Keep your identity private
  • Get a secured WiFi connection
  • Works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Why Surf the Web Anonymously?

The Internet has opened up an amazing world of information and content as well as giving us a platform to express our views, share our content, and communicate with others. Unfortunately, there are many risks and issues as well.

When surfing the Web, your online activities leave fingerprints of information that may be tracked and monitored by your ISP, your network administrator, or even the FBI.

What they know about you ?

Whenever you surf the Web, you leave yourself open to being snooped upon by Web sites.
They can track your online travels, know what operating system and browser you're running, find out your machine name, uncover the last sites you've visited, examine your history list, delve into your cache, examine your IP address and use that to learn basic information about you such as your geographic location and more. To a great extent, your Internet life is an open book when you visit.

Sites use a variety of techniques to gather and collate this information, but the two most basic are examining your IP address and placing cookies on your PC. Matching your IP address with your cookies makes it easier for them to create personal profiles.

If you'd like to see what kind of information sites can gather about you, head to these two sites, which peer into your browser and report what they find.

Privacy Analysis of Your Internet Connection gathers and displays basic information, such as your operating system, screen resolution, what site you previously visited, general system setup and so on.

BrowserSpy delves even deeper into your system and even reports on whether you have certain software on your system, such as RealPlayer and Adobe Acrobat, including version information.

Benefits of using a VPN

A VPN provides you an easy and secure way to surf the Web anonymously and privately. The advanced VPN technology protects your identity and online privacy by masking your IP address and create an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN service provider.
Thus, it gives you a secure anonymous browsing experience and lets you browse websites you want without the fear of being tracked down or losing your sensitive information to hackers.

The VPN also is a safeguard for your sensitive data while you're on public Wi-Fi at coffee shops, airports, or hotels.